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Plato's Closet: Your Go-To For Thrifting

By Harley Wolfgang

My go-to stress relief: either retail therapy or iced coffee (or both, preferably both). I could give you a list of thrift stores I love, but I’ve recently been opting for Plato’s Closet.

There’s a Plato's Closet in Cranberry, PA, about half an hour from SRU. There’s another in Greensburg, PA, only about half an hour from my hometown. Plato's Closet resells clothes at low prices and purchases clothes from people who come in. Both locations have helped me find a variety of new clothes I love that are within my budget. This way, I don’t need to shop on fast fashion sites like Shein or Temu.

The best part is that I’ve gotten anything from business attire to going-out clothes, cute jeans, and wedding attire. They have cuter mid-to-plus size clothes than most department stores I shop at. My petite roommate is usually able to find clothes that fit her, and she feels good in them. All for, typically, under ten dollars each. I don’t have a lot of tall girlfriends, so I’m not the person to tell you if they have a decent tall selection. For a thrift store, I’ve always been really impressed!

Here are a few of my (and my friends’) favorite items we’ve gotten from PLATO’S CLOSET!

1. The skirt

2. The top (and hair clip but you can’t see it)

3. The top

4. The top

5. Pants (obviously)

6. Bonus: Her whole outfit (except the boots)

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