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Recreating Iconic Movie Outfits into Everyday Outfits: Beetlejuice

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Drew Confer & Gabby Yanniello

We’re back! Drew and I teamed up to recreate the outfits of the characters from one of the best Halloween movies of all time, Beetlejuice! Just in time for Halloween! But it doesn’t have to be Halloween for you to draw inspiration from your favorite movie. Drew and I challenge you all to pick a movie and a character from that movie. Who knows, it might be your new favorite outfit!

Adam’s outfit is super simple and easy to recreate into your own style. All you really need is a black and white flannel and his dorky personality! I decided to put my own spin to the outfit and wear my overalls and tie my flannel around my waist, instead of tucking the flannel into khakis.

Beetlejuice is known for his striped suit set and crazy green hair, however not all of us just have a stripe suit lying around and have naturally green hair, but I did make it work as Tim Gunn has said many times. Much of my style is inspired by the 90’s, so I figured I would go with the classic t-shirt under a slip dress! I added a green hair scarf to incorporate Beetlejuice’s green hair into the look and BAM ITS SHOWTIME!

Barbara has always been an icon to me, and her outfit really is so sweet and simple. I based both of my looks on the film with elements from the recent Broadway musical, and in both of them Barbara’s look holds similar aspects. Some of the key elements to keep while dressing up as her is, florals, panty hose, flats or other plain shoes and natural hair. To do this I did a yellow floral-patterned dress, navy tights and brown shoes (all from Target) and I wore a cardigan because it was chilly. I did some natural make-up and let my natural hair down and that’s it! Once you’re done, you’re ready to haunt!

Lydia is such a QUEEN, she is absolutely iconic in every sense of the word. I always was obsessed with her all black look and her 80’s vibe and love that it was carried onto the stage production. Lydia was trickier than Barbara, but I loved the challenge. Originally, I planned on wearing a dress for Lydia, but it was TOO COLD the day we took pictures, so instead of ditching the dress idea all together, I just tucked it into a pair of high waisted pants I had. The dress was short enough and thin enough for it to look nice still and super normal, I actually had received a ton of compliments on my ‘shirt’ that day. On top, I wore a black cardigan and paired the look with some black flats. I pulled my hair up with a black scarf in homage to the veil she can be seen wearing at times, and some of my regular makeup with a darker lip tint. They’re hard to see, but I also wore some safety pins on my collar to pay tribute to the stage show as well as my black polish. Then before you know it, you’ll be strange and unusual, but in the best way possible.

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