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The Slippery Rock Vintage Fest

With fall just around the corner, everyone’s wardrobe could use a revamp. The best way to do that in a fun and sustainable way? Thrifting! On September 18th, the Smith Student Center hosted its first Vintage Fest with seven different vendors and so many thrifted clothes. The event brought thrifting to students and gave them a great opportunity to practice sustainable consumerism.

The success of the event was unreal. Hundreds of students lined up throughout the student center to see what great pieces they could find. After digging through many racks and piles of clothes, I found some great pieces from Vintage Bandit Co., Slimy Peddle Vintage, and Moodz Clothing. Some of the vendors were actual students from SRU, and others were young enraptures from the area. The event did a great job of displaying our generation’s love for fashion and sustainable living.

This vintage tee is from Slimy Peddle Vintage. It was originally from The Rocket 101, a radio station in Erie, PA. I cropped it and paired it with jeans and Converse.

I got this vintage Sedona, Arizona tee from Vintage Bandit Co. It features a cool desert-scape and fun color scheme. Here I styled it with leggings, Converse, and a necklace bought from Moodz Clothing.

This crewneck is from Moodz Clothing, a small business run by a young local entrepreneur. Its cozy lining and relatable quote makes it perfect to throw on before class of when hanging out with friends.

Written By: Megan Nassif

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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