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The Striking Details of Peter Do:

Anytime someone brings up current amazing fashion designers, I always have to bring up Peter Do. I find his aesthetics and fashion design language to be compelling and it really gives me that “WOW” factor when viewing his work. Peter Do focuses on the approach of “sharp tailoring, architectural construction, and honest textiles”. Through his collaborative effort working under Phoebe Philo at Celine, Peter Do brings upon those silhouettes used at Celine and showcases the woman's figure in new complexity. His FW 20 collection is something that inspired me. I find his work bringing a new version of the contemporary woman. His precise attention to cuts and understanding of how the garments to layer and disfigure is seen throughout this collection. The interesting tailoring skills through the wide-leg trousers that drape along with boots and the texture with pleated skirts. I find his style of design to fill the vacancy of Phoebe Philo’s legacy and be able to bridge a new decade of fashion.

Written By: Ryan Shimko

Edited By: Crystal Lord & Ashley Farrell

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