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Tik Tok DIY Jean Fashion Trends

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

TikTok is a video sharing social media service that has become one of the number one apps, with millions of users. Recently, youtubers have been trying out fashion trends that they have found on their for you page so I decided to give it a try.

One of the most used trends is the one leg bleached jeans. I got this idea from Mya Benway one of my favorite YouTube channels. First off you take any pair of black jeans, preferably not your favorite jeans in case you mess up. I took an old pair of American Eagle jeans. The things you will need are a plastic bag, tape, a spray bottle, gloves, and bleach. Take one leg of the jeans and fold it up, then cover it with a plastic bag. Then along the zipper line use tape and tape down the back as well. Once that is finished bringing it outside and pour your bleach into a spray bottle. Once your gloves are one, use the spray bottle and spay on patches. The one thing I would have changed was making the spots more proportional and less clumped together. This one didn’t turn out the way I exactly thought it would turn out, but it's still a different style that is a step out of the box.

The next trend is DIY distressed jeans. I took an old pair of plan Calvin Klein jeans I don’t really wear anymore and made some tiny holes and rips then the pants were way too long so I decided to cut them to the length that I wanted then fray the ends of them to make them more unique. The trick behind these jeans are making tiny little rips and tears all through the legs in all different directions. Then making bigger holes around the kneecaps to give more space for movement. These turned out being one of my favorite ones I did because it gave it a little twist on ripped jeans for a perfect night out.

Written By: Catherine Dumm

Written By: Cat Dumm

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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