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Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2021

My absolute favorite thing to do after Halloween is rank all the different costumes that I saw everyone wearing out or on Instagram. Picking a costume is the most stressful part of Halloween, but once that costume is put together it is so satisfying. Some people go the nostalgic route, some pick comical costumes, some recreate iconic celebrity moments, and some just pick a character. No matter what everyone chose to be this Halloween, everyone went ALL out. I’m going to rank my top 10 favorite costumes that I saw this year with ten being my least favorite and one being the most iconic thing I’ve ever seen.

10. COWBOY/ SPACE COWBOY: Always adorable and low effort but way overdone. It's too cute though, so it’s still on the list.

9. LOLA AND BUGS BUNNY: The classic cute couples costume that is creative and usually different but was exceedingly popular this year.

8. CHARLIE BROWN: Iconic, hilarious, and simple. No other words here.

7. FAIRY: I might be a little bitter because my Tinkerbell wings didn’t ship in time, but many people embodied the whimsical fairy look. I saw this done two different ways: one with the Amazon corset top we all know and love with a tutu and the other with a dress of some sort to match their wings. This classic and girly look was amazing, but nearly everybody had this costume.

6. PLAYBOY BUNNY: This is always a classic costume, as it’s pretty affordable to put together and cute AF. Most people did a cheeky bodysuit, black ears, and fishnet tights. I didn’t see many Hugh Hefner’s though.

5. CHEERLEADER: I could never do this because I am a cheerleader, but the costumes are too cute. Super girly yet kinda edgy. The Nessa and Jaden cheer outfit really brought the score up. I mean who doesn’t wanna be a sexy and edgy cheerleader with their significant other? Also, the fact that this is breaking gender norms literally made my heart so happy.

4. PIRATES: This is an effortless costume that always look very put together. I love seeing all the different pirate pieces that can be accessorized differently such as hooks, eye pieces, hats, flasks, etc. My boyfriend and I put together pirate costumes the day of Halloween and they were a success. I bought a corset from Walmart for $15 and it was a total steal!!

3. POWERPUFF GIRLS: I cannot think of a more perfect costume for Y2K girls and their favorite boy friend. Since the Y2K trend is characterized by bright colors and total cuteness, the Powerpuff girls completely embody this fashion trend.

2. ELLE WOODS: Fashion and girl power queen Elle Woods is always a stand-out costume. This is absolutely amazing because it can be styled in so many ways. Literally every single outfit from this movie is recognizable and so chic. From the glitter bikini to the bunny costume to the pink suit, all her outfits scream pinktastic.

1. LIZZIE AND MIRANDA: The best costume/ costume duo I saw was Lizzie and Miranda from the Lizzie McGuire movie scene in Rome. This is the perfect costume for intense nostalgia and glam. Lizzie embodies everything that is quirky, fun, and cute.

Written By: Julienne Anderson

Edited By: Crystal Lord

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