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We Owe It To The 80s

They say everything old is new again. Through the years we’ve seen so many fashion trends come and go. Some are best left in the past like skirts over jeans, those braided “energy” bracelets, and mustache everything! I think it’s safe to say Gen Z and its fashion sense has had a major transformation in the past ten years. While a lot of our pop culture today is focused on fashion, we can’t take credit for every trend we have. Despite some of the fashion flops from the 80s, there are so many trends we follow now that originated back then. Here are the top five most popular trends you didn’t know were from the 80s:

High-Waisted Jeans

In response to the low rise jean phase of the 70s, high-waisted jeans rose to fame during the 80s. Their comfort, style, and ability to hold “brick phones” made them a staple to many during the 80s. Here we can see Freddie Mercury rocking them in one of his iconic concert outfits. Nowadays, most of us wouldn’t even think of wearing low rise jeans. In just the past few years alone, almost every pair of jeans, shorts, and skirts in any given retail store are high-waisted. Emma Chamberlin is one of the people who has had a huge impact on our generations style. Here we can see her styling high-waisted jeans in a simple outfit that happens to mirror Mercury’s.

Animal Print

Cheetah, zebra, and giraffe print were all common staples in 80s fashion. While the style was extremely popular for women, Suzanne Somers pictured here, it was also popular in menswear. Members of Mötley Crüe were known for wearing animal print too. The animal print style has resurfaced as a huge trend today. Here, Lizzo is pictured wearing a zebra dress with matching gloves and a bedazzled cash cannon.

Bucket Hats

During the 80s, bucket hats were popularized by the company Kangol. They were popular with rappers of the time and in street wear fashion. Here we can see LL Cool J wearing one in his 1987 “I Need Love” music video. Bucket hats have never really gone out of style. Recently, they have become popularized as an everyday accessory. Here we can see Kylie Jenner wearing one to top off her baby pink outfit.

Track Suits

Emerging from the 80s workout scene, track suits became a fashion trend for everyday wear. Their comfort and large array of colors and patterns made track suits surge in popularity. Celebrities like The Beasties Boys, LL Cool J, and Snoop Dog brought the look to the music scene. Here we can see Anthony Andrews wearing one in the 1982 movie, The Scarlet Pimpernel. The look has been reintroduced to mainstream fashion in recent years. Most notably, Billie Eilish has been known for her eye-catching tracksuits.

Chunky Jewelry

The chunky jewelry trend originated from the show The A Team staring Mr.T. In the show he often sports a huge breast plate of gold chains, as pictured below. After he popularized them, rappers such as The Sugarhill Gang started wearing them and their popularity grew even more. Nowadays we see chunky jewelry coming back into style. We can see celebrities like Miley Cyrus adopt a more lowkey version of the chunky necklace look.

Modern pictures from Instagram.

Written By: Meg Nassif

Edited By: Crystal Lord


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