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What to Wear to Make Your Life a 90s Rom-Com

By Jenna Lubinski


As the weather in Slippery Rock has gotten colder, I have recently been finding myself in bed by 9:30 with a Caudalie face mask on, a Stanley cup filled with water and ice (it hits different), and a 90s chick flick on in the background. This is my current obsession, and it is something I look forward to every day. In my utmost opinion, there is nothing better than crawling into bed after a long day of classes and having your mind be transported into a 90s movie. Somehow there is always some girl living an unrealistic life in a city, who always has some insanely cute guy after her, along with a really fancy job, and always an impeccable wardrobe. There is just something about 90s chick flicks that just make you feel good and motivated about life.

One night as I was watching 13 Going on 30, I had an epiphany where I was like, “I should romanticize my life and pretend that I am some big-time '90s “it girl” who has her life together.” To be honest, I am just bored. I let my delusions get the best of me, but like hey, why not if this gives me something to do? So, to achieve this epiphany, I started dressing as girls from my favorite 90s movies. Therefore, I thought why not write a blog about it? So, we can all pretend we are Jenna Rink from 13 going on 30, and not just college kids at Slip who are wondering what jobs they can get with their degrees.

This blog is going to discuss my 5 personal favorite 90s movie looks, and inspired pieces one can get to accomplish the vibe or aesthetic to achieve these various looks.

Kat Stratford- 10 Things I Hate About You

If you like a laidback, grunge yet girly look with a late 90s vibe, then Kat Stratford from 10 Things I Hate About You is the way to go.

I feel like a Kat Stratford look would accomplish either low rise, baggy cargo pants, or a midi skirt. Obviously paired with a cropped tee, (probably a women's band since she is our feminist queen) a plain crop, or a buttoned cardigan with platform sandals to add that 90s feel to the outfit. She mostly has her hair up in the movie, so maybe a scrunchie or claw clip to really aim for the overall vibe.

Google Images, 2023

Meg Ryan- You’ve Got Mail

There is nothing more autumn and cozier than Meg Ryan’s outfits in the 90s hit film You’ve Got Mail.

Overall, I think bookstore owner New York City girl, Meg Ryan, has the aesthetic of professionalism meets librarian meets English major. In the film, Meg does a lot of layering, so I would say a nice wool coat to wear would be the first step in accomplishing this look (can be either plain or have a design).

For tops, I would get button-downs and put a vest over them or get turtleneck sweaters to get that autumn cozy effect. In regard to bottoms, I would say either suit pants with a belt or a pencil skirt (where you can tuck the top in) with black pantyhose underneath.

Of course, for shoes, since she is in New York City, you need walking shoes, but to make it stylish black ballet flats, since that is her go-to shoe in the movie.

Google Images, 2023

Cher- Clueless

You cannot have a 90s fashion blog without talking about the movie Clueless because, in my opinion, the fashion in that movie is utter perfection. Clueless was the stepping stone for representing what 90s fashion was and tremendously shifted what people wore after the movie was previewed.

I think the outfits in this movie really portrayed a lot of preppy, vintage designer, over-the-top looks that realistically most people do not wear in high school.

However, that is what makes the looks in Clueless so out there because it is not realistic. It is the dream life of a Beverly Hills rich girl who has an amazing closet that one can only dream about.

Matching outfits could be a possibility if someone wants to fit the vibe of Clueless. There is also a lot of color coordination in this movie, so I would embrace matching a series of colors to make the outfit more aesthetically pleasing.

Mini skirts are very popular throughout this movie, especially plaid miniskirts that give off Catholic school girl. White knee-high socks with platform heels also complement the mini skirt very well.

A lot of blazers (mostly matching the miniskirt) with a plain button-down underneath is the way to go for the top. In all, the tops are all cropped or layered over a button-down since the cropped look was essential throughout the 90s. Therefore, I would invest in sweaters and long-sleeved cropped tops you can button.

Always make sure to add a cute headband with that 90s blowout hair because if you don’t, the term “ugh as if” might become literal.

Google Images, 2023

Elizabeth James- The Parent Trap

I feel like this movie is a rite of passage into girlhood. When I was growing up, this was my designated comfort movie, and I always watched it when I needed that extra serotonin boost.

In my opinion, I feel like everyone’s fashion in this movie was top-notch, from the alluring Meredith Blake, the laid-back maid Chessy, and the iconic twins Hallie and Annie Parker. However, I think Elizabeth James takes the cake when it comes to fashion in this movie because who does not love a London fashion designer’s look?

Elizabeth James’ looks have a lot of solid colors. What I mean by this is that she mainly wears light, cream colors throughout the movie to accentuate her personality.

I would definitely try to wear a cream-colored suit set, whether that be a skirt or pants for the bottoms. I also think that since she lives in London, a trench coat is a must for the rainy weather over there.

For shoes, I would stick with cream-colored or tan pumps to match the cream-colored outfit. I would also include pearl jewelry because that adds to the clean girl, chic aesthetic that is portrayed by Elizabeth James.

Google Images, 2023

Samantha Jones- Sex and the City

I know Sex and the City is a TV show, but I feel like the 90s character Samantha Jones needs to get the fashion credit she deserves.

Samantha Jones is the type of character that every young woman watching wants to be. She is bold, confident, a girl’s girl, and knows exactly what she wants in life.

Her style represents her vivacious, striking personality and no matter if she is in her public relations office or at an exclusive party in NYC, she is always the best dressed.

She wears a lot of bold colors and prints, so any color is acceptable when trying to mimic her look. However, she wears an abundance of reds, pinks, blues, whites, etc. If anything, one has to step out of their comfort zone if they want to exemplify her look.

When she is in her public relations office, we always see her in suits, dresses, and skirts. Sometimes they have a pattern or sometimes it is just a straight, solid color from top to bottom. However, she always matches her work attire with accessories. Whether that be a handbag, chunky jewelry, or, of course, a good pair of heels because nothing symbolizes a woman in New York more than a nice pair of heels.

When she goes out with her friends, her outfits are a little less formal - and you want to get pieces that represent fun. I would start off by getting a mini dress which can either be a solid color or with sparkle because in the show, she has numerous iconic, sparkly outfits.

The important thing to remember when trying to recreate a Samantha Jones outfit is that anything goes. What I mean by this is that she doesn’t have one direct aesthetic because she has the confidence to wear and pull off anything. This just further proves that one just needs to have confidence and that will present itself more than an actual clothing piece.

Google Images, 2023


Overall, this blog post is just something fun for people who want to spice up their wardrobe and live out their 90s rom-com dreams.

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