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NYFW Fall 2015 Review

Amongst the dark, dreary February blues, a shining beacon of luxury illuminates in the midst-it’s New York Fashion Week. Considered another holiday among some people, (fashionistas mainly) it’s the week most designers focus their year around. Squeezing 112 shows in a mere seven days, the city is buzzing at a more than normal rate, to say the least. Celebrities, designers, and every fashion blogger present are ready for the jaw dropping runway moments from all the Fall/Winter 2015 collections.

How does one begin to comprehend all the magic that occurs at NYFW? They start by spotting trends. Art, culture, and design dominated the runway with a touch of spunk and elegance to create the ultimate ambiance of New York. Some stick out trends includes bold colors, asymmetrical hemlines, gothic glam, dark floral, fur stoles, fringe, and literally 50 shades of runway grey. Let’s not forget about my favorite trend-70’s Chic. Hello retro, am I right? Turtlenecks, ponchos, chunky sweaters, and culottes. What could be better than vintage making its return to the runway?

Contrary to popular belief, there is an astounding amount of fashion happening outside the shows, á la Street style. Who is wearing what, and how are they handling February’s freezing temps, while still looking fabulous. This year’s street style trends seemed to reflect the runway in one way or another. More turtlenecks, grey, and a ridiculous amount of statement coats were spotted all throughout the city. Sleek patches of leather and warm furs walked beside hints of plaid, and many black and white ensembles to create eclectic, striking looks. From the catwalk to sidewalk, the inspiration was simply everywhere.

Shot by Phil Oh, Courtesy of Vogue

Shot by Phil Oh, Courtesy of Vogue

Speaking of the catwalk, I would like to take a moment to reflect on what I consider some of the week’s best collections. Good Lord, Marchesa. There are not enough worlds to describe the sheer elegance presented in the pieces. Visions of bright poppies and decadent details made the collection beyond stunning. One of my personal favorites, by far. Another brilliant collection was done by the lovely Victoria Beckham. Her classic London vibes helped trademark her clothing with a sleek, confident look. Brava, Mrs. Beckham. Saving the best for last, NYFW wouldn’t be complete without a standout show from Oscar de la Renta. Despite his recent passing, the fashion world will forever honor his incredible work. With stars like Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss seated front and center, the show embodied why fashion week is so iconic in our culture.

Many college fashionistas like myself are probably sitting back in awe wondering how they could get their hands on these designer names. I am happy to tell you we can. Allow me to introduce you to Rent The Runway. This is an amazing website that lets you rent designer dresses and accessories at affordable prices, for all occasions. They even have size and fit notes for every dress to help you find the best look for your body type. It’s like having your own personal stylist in the palm of your hand. Another great feature is the customer reviews of the dresses. If you are unsure of a dress, you can read what a previous renter had to say about the fit, what they loved, and how the dress looks in photos. Bow down fashionistas, this is life changing.

After an exciting week in New York, we can now shift our attention to the upcoming fashion shows in London, Milan, and Paris. Alas, our eyes will feast upon more beautiful collections and swoon over an industry that revolutionized creativity into wearable pieces of art. In the words of Mr. De la Renta, “The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward.” Until next time, New York.

Marchesa F/W 2015, Courtesy of

Marchesa F/W 2015, Courtesy of


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