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Student Style Look of the Day

Hey SRU! It's the beginning of the last week until spring break!

Things are about to change in a few days, so here's a little change up in our #sslotd--CDR's first male feature, Colby Myers!

Colby is a freshman at SRU and is currently majoring in Early Childhood Education.

He loves keeping his style, and keeping warm while he’s at it! His grey thermal long-sleeve and north face jacket go great together—the perfect combination of looking good and keeping warm! Colby often wears jeans or a pair of khaki’s to class, and tries to match his clothes as well as possible.

“I have no particular reason for why I dress the way I do, so even when I’m not feeling great that day, I’ll still try and put on whatever looks good!” -Colby Myers

Colby does a great job of keeping consistent, tasteful style. Go Colby!

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