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Student Style Look of the Day

Hi everyone! It's time for another #sslotd!

Meet Krista Ledergerber! Krista is a freshman at SRU, majoring in Safety Management. She decided to dress up on a rainy day and even brought along an umbrella that matched!

She tends to lean towards neutral colors with small accessories, such as a necklace or a light scarf. She’s excited to be transitioning into the Spring and warm weather and is looking forward to wearing lighter jackets and cropped jeans! Krista’s look is inspired by many fashion icons, one including Ariana Grande. She loves her fun and bubbly style and overall wardrobe. Krista is also a sales associate at Forever 21 where she also gets most of her style inspiration and ideas because she is the first to see all the new clothing releases. She dresses for her own personal style but also likes to be comfortable in what she wears as well!

“I like to find clothes that I’m comfortable in but also that look cute. I get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram such as ShopHopes and other fashion accounts. Clothing is a way to express yourself and everyone has their own unique way of showing it!” -Krista Ledergerber

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