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Earth Day Fashion

It’s time to be eco-friendly and start buying sustainable products to keep our Earth going. What is a better way to do this than by treating yourself to some new jewelry!

Alex and Ani jewelry was started by Carolyn Rafaelian who is a spiritual enthusiast, innovative thinker, and person of integrity. The company was named after her two daughters and she wanted to make a stamp to leave a legacy for them. This is something the two of them will always be able to cherish.

Alex and Ani is known for its signature design of expandable, one-size-fits-all stackable bangles. They also have a beautiful line of necklaces, earrings, and rings. They have a men’s line entitled, “For Him” featuring a variety of wrist wraps, candles, and scarves. This makes finding a gift for men or women a simple task.

Alex and Ani thrives on portraying positive energy throughout all of their products. This is the natural energy that supports life. Every piece of jewelry made by the company utilizes this power, making all of their products so special. This is done in three ways. One: the products are manufactured with positive intention in carefully selected American Factories. Two: all symbols in the designs carry their own energies with researched meanings. Three: Each design is intended to empower the person wearing, and reflect the unique qualities of that individual.

This jewelry is not just important because of the positive vibes it gives off, but the fact that is it is a step in the right direction to helping our environment. All materials used to make Alex and Ani jewelry are eco-conscious and made from recycled materials. Get yourself or others some jewelry made with love, and take a stand to preserving the Earth we live on!

To learn more about Alex and Ani, or shop some bangles for yourself go to: Visit Alex and Ani's website!


Brooke Sheeler

CDR Contributor

Year: Junior

Major: Public Relations, Business Adminstration minor

Hometown: Somerset, PA

Personal Style: Classic, with a pop of color.

Lover of: Naked 2, J. Crew, and traveling!

Post-grad Plans: Become a southern belle and work in a PR firm :)

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