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Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup

Halloween is almost here! This calls for candy, crazy costumes, and scary Halloween makeup. Over the past several years, the “sugar skull” Halloween look has become an increasingly popular trend. This look originated from the Mexican tradition of “Day of the Dead,” but has become well known in the United States as a festive and creative makeup trend for halloween.

This look can range from a variety of different patterns and colors, and can be expressed by doing either a full face or half face of makeup. For this particular look, hot pink was used with a touch of pink and silver glitter. To top it off, a fierce pink lip color was used and a deep pink blush. The best part about the sugar skull is that it is scary enough for Halloween but also makes for a cute costume all around!

When choosing a costume to go with this makeup, outfits can range from all black attire to colorful clothing pieces. A popular approach to piecing this costume together is a skater skirt of any color, matched with a top of your choice. This makes it an overall fun look that flows together effortlessly. To top it off, a headband can be worn with matching flowers that tie in all the colors you’re wearing, (unless you choose to go with all black, of course). This look is also very versatile, which is another reason why the trend has remained so popular.

In order to create this look, there are a few makeup products you need handy. The main products used were black eyeliner, a white jumbo eye pencil, some pigmented eye shadow, blush, lipstick, and glitter. The makeup itself may take some time to do, but it’s well worth it in the end. Some other products that may be used to create this look could be fake eyelashes, stick-on rhinestones, or even 3D stitches for the mouth. No matter how this look is approached, it can always be altered in a way that best fits your personal style, and is naturally a killer and edgy look for Halloween!

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