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Trend Tuesday

TREND TUESDAY: Bomber Jackets for Every Occasion

Nikes, check. Shades, check. Black workout leggings, check. Chic and sporty bomber jacket, CHECK. It’s the trend spotted on celebs our age, featured on the two models (and besties) above, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. The obvious, flawless twinning brings attention to this comfy, yet edgy trend that is making waves on the fashion scene.

For those of us whose errands may not consist of heading to a photo shoot or finding an outfit for the next A-list party, Gigi and Kendall are representing how college girls like ourselves can make this look work for truly any occasion.

It’s functionality at its finest. The leggings, sneakers, crop top and bomber jacket combo could either be “I just ran to the store” or “I’m heading to my kickboxing class” (as Gigi would do). It’s also perfect for a laid-back campus look when you have a busy schedule, but don’t want to look like you neglected your style for the day.

Let’s not forget to mention the “I just threw my hair up” vibe (are you sitting back and wondering how their hair isn’t far from perfect, because same).

If there was ever a trend that brought new meaning to the idea of being effortlessly chic, this is it. We should also take notice at how affordable this trend is. Stores like Forever21 and H&M carry these items at a reasonable price (because lets face it, we all don’t make that model salary).

Besides, taking a note from two top model’s style file isn’t such a bad thing either, now is it?

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