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Trend Tuesday ft. Platforms

There’s no limit to what your wardrobe can include. In fashion, art takes new forms in the presence of everyday pieces based on your personal style. Many of us college students don’t realize our wardrobes consist of levels. Yes, levels. Think about it-you have your casual class clothes, workout attire, lazy day go-to outfits, professional wear, and some classic statement pieces. This also applies to your shoe collection, which brings me to the topic of today’s featured trend: platforms (or flatforms, whatever you prefer).

This trend has evolved from your typical summer wedge and transformed into the artistic display of sneakers, casual everyday loafers, and boots for the perfect spring/summer accessory. Funny how a little bit of an edge can really give your wardrobe a lift (literally).

So how do you begin to style a pair of platforms with what’s already in your closet? Simple. Rock them with a t-shirt or sweater dress, your favorite jeans or a skirt to give your outfit a cool and sleek feel. Being bold is what makes fashion fun, and platforms allow you to do that on another level. (Sorry, I had to).

Another interesting thing about this trend is that it’s seen all over Europe. In countries like Italy, stores showcase platforms in their windows almost everywhere you look. I’m not talking about a cute summer shoe for a long beach dress, these are platforms for any kind of outfit. The trend is actually global, which is pretty cool if you think about it. Wherever you are, fashion is always a part of any culture, and the similarities are what make it universal (platforms included).

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