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Trend Tuesday: Summer Music Festivals

A music lover’s dream is going to a festival in the middle of nowhere surrounded by good vibes, food, drinks, and having that experience of the summer with your friends. Some of the top music festivals in the country include Coachella (CA), Bonnaroo (TN), Lollapalooza (IL), and Firefly (DE). After the obvious music aspect of these festivals is the next hugely important part, the fashion.

Music festivals are the ultimate people-watching spots. There will be people wearing as little amount of clothing they can get away with, a lot of tie dye, and the boho/hippie look will most likely be the most popular. As for what goes on your head: flower crowns, hair shades every color of the rainbow, jewels/temporary tattoos, floppy hats, and crazy sunglasses, just to name a few.

Celebrities that have the perfect music festival style are those who can be spotted walking around Coachella each year like Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Alexa Chung, as well as the boho queen herself, Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa knows just how to put together the right outfit for this occasion and always pops up on social media with girls wondering how she can pull off each outfit with such style year after year.

Music festivals are all about letting go and having a few days to enjoy life without any worries or responsibilities. Here’s a time to try out that new septum ring you can’t wear to work, body jewelry, or a fanny pack you may be made fun of wearing somewhere else. This is the time to rock on with your bad self! Embrace your style and creativity with each outfit, but most importantly have fun and enjoy the show.

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