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#TBT to Friends

Still watching countless Friends reruns? You’re not alone. Our 90’s nostalgia is SO REAL thanks to the circle of trends that have come back into our lives, all thanks to the ladies of Friends. Overalls, plaid, jumpers, and let’s not forget about the bright, Phoebe-inspired patterns for every “Smelly Cat” performance. Like all good things in life, it’s nice to go back every once in a while and reflect on the iconic 90’s fashion that played a huge role in defining Phoebe, Monica and Rachel.

For starters, the baby tees, crop top turtlenecks, and school-girl skirts qualified as statement pieces for the hit show. Who knew these trends would leave such a mark on the world of fashion? Phoebe’s Coachella/hippie vibes brought refreshing forms of skirts, dresses, and colorful shirts into every episode. With Phoebe, there was never a dull moment.

I’m not saying I’m biased, but if I had to identify with one character’s style, it would have to be Rachel. Rachel mixed her Ralph Lauren work attire with her all American girl personality to complete a chic and trendy 90’s wardrobe. Her laid back looks were always casual but cute, and she always remained true to her personal style.

If there was ever a character that was the epitome of 90’s style, it was Monica. Her wardrobe seemed to have the classic key components of the decade. High waisted pants and skirts, crop top sweaters and tees, even turtlenecks, were seen on Monica. There were no rules for what she could or couldn’t wear. Everything just looked so Monica.

As we explore this time warp in fashion, it’s important to remember we remain fearless in our own personal style. Don’t change your wardrobe to fit the trend, make the trend work for your wardrobe. Like Monica, be you in the trend. Like Phoebe, add your personal twist to the trend. And like Rachel, always make it seem like you started that trend.

Here’s to the 90’s, the classic trends, and the countless re-runs of Friends for all your lazy Saturday’s.

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