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Makeover Monday: Thrifty Edition

It's no surprise that Taylor Swift is the queen of dressing up any simple article of clothing with eclectic accessories. She can transform simple outfits into ones with glamour, style, and poise. Although she is a fashion icon, Taylor is certainly not the only one capable of conquering such a task. Thrifting is actually an art that requires little creativity and even a little less from your pocket book. Any article of clothing, old or new, big or small, can be made into something unique to fit your personal style. Featured below is an example of an oversized dress made into something cute and chic, simply done with some scissors, thread, and a few personal touches.

Even a plain white t-shirt can be transformed into something fabulous by adding a scarf, necklace, or even a hat to complete your look.

The students of Slippery Rock University are just as capable of doing a one-of-a-kind outfit makeover just like Taylor. That's why CDR is putting all of you up to the challenge to transform an old, new, or bland outfit into something refreshing and stylish. Who knows, you just might find yourself featured in the next Makeover Monday post.

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