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#SSLOTW ft. Natasha Cipollini

Today’s #SSLOTD is featuring Natasha Cipollini, a Junior Public Health major that loves getting dressed up for classes! Natasha is wearing a white A-line skirt with a black button down dress shirt from Express. She’s had these items in her closet since high school and they have lasted her ever since.

“It's worth it to spend the extra couple of dollars on clothing because you cannot beat the quality," Natasha said.

Natasha loves to dress up because it gives her a confident and ambitious start to her day. Her wardrobe choice helps her express who she really is, and is still comfortable while wearing it. Her business casual look helps prepares her for the workplace.

“In the work world, you have to look presentable so I might as well practice taking the time to dress up now," she said.

I asked Natasha, “How do you still be you through what you wear?” and she told me that she expresses herself through the different style of clothing she picks. She wears what she wants while adding her own fun twist to it. One day she could be in her skirt and blouse, then next she could be wearing leggings and a dress. It depends on the season and what she might be doing that day.

Natasha feels that if she does not take the time to pick her outfit out and ends up not liking what she is wearing, then she will not be as productive throughout the day. Fashion is a daily priority for her since she will wake up extra early to make sure she’s dressed and ready to go for her 8 a.m. class. Dressing up gives her the confidence and motivation to tackle any obstacle coming her way.

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