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Group DIY Costumes: Ladies Edition

Look 1: "Deck of Cards"

Halloween is always a popular time of year, especially for college students. The unfortunate thing about costumes is that they can be expensive and will probably only be worn once. This “Deck of Cards” outfit is affordable, cute, and very easy to make! The only things you need are a top hat (was bought at Clare’s), a white tank, black paint, cut-out symbols and letters for the shirt, black sparkles, and black tutus. The total cost of these costumes was around $20-talk about an easy, creative, and fun look.

Look 2: "The 7 Dwarfs"

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to let your creative skills fly. We wanted to make our own costumes and be creative in a way that not many people do. Since there were 7 of us who were making costumes together, we figured this group costume would be a fun way to shake things up for Halloween. The 7 Dwarfs was an idea we got off of Pinterest. First, we each got a different color shirt or tank top and had name tags attached to them. Then, we tried to match up the names of the dwarfs to our personalities. We used duck tape to say "hi ho" on the back of our shorts to represent what they sing in the movie. Don't worry; we made sure to pose just like the dwarfs! This costume was a very fun, comfortable idea and we each spent only $15-$20 total. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, be yourself, and use your creative skills to complete some of the easiest costumes around. Happy Halloween!

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