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Halloween Makeup!

Halloween is coming up, which means it's time to start thinking about haunted houses, costumes, and makeup! Halloween makeup is becoming a very popular trend and can either make or break a costume look. Sometimes, if you paint your face right, you don't even need to buy a costume! There are tons of ways to go about Halloween makeup looks. This year, I decided to create a scarecrow makeup look on my friend Caitlyn Janeda. This look can either be scary or cute depending on how you dress and do your makeup. The costume can also be as simple as throwing on a flannel and a straw hat. There can also be a variety of different colors used in this look, depending on how much you want your makeup to stand out.

For this look, I applied a thin layer of Revlon foundation followed by a translucent powder. Then, I applied orange-toned eyeshadow using the Morphe 35O palette across her eyelids. Next, I gave her a winged eyeliner look and applies false lashes. After all of this was done, I added the scarecrow details such as the orange nose, cheeks, lips, and stitching below the eyes and near her mouth.

Overall, this look was very easy to complete and took less than 25 minutes. This makeup could also be altered by adding a patch on her forehead or pieces of straw to the stitching, just to add to the scarecrow look.

I hope you all enjoy this look and have a happy Halloween!!!

- Brooke

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