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DIY Costumes: Men's Edition

Okay guys, it’s Friday and 2016’s Halloween festivities start tonight (or this afternoon for the Halloween enthusiasts) and you have yet to plan out a costume. You told yourself all month that you weren’t dressing up or spending the money. Well, your friends are going to think your lame and the ladies (or gentlemen) are going to think you’re boring. I mean, who goes home with the guy from the Halloween party not in costume? Exactly. But, now it’s too late. You’ll never have the time to pull something together before the pre-game festivities start. Halloween is ruined! Your social life this weekend has taken a turn for the worse.

Or has it? What if I were to tell you that all it would take to save your Halloween weekend was a single piece of (hopefully clean) clothing lurking around your room. A white t-shirt. Yes, that plain white t-shirt is going to grant you access to the coolest of costumes. With the use of some Sharpies or paint you can transform any white t-shirt in to an awesome, and cool costume that won’t make it seem like you’re trying too hard.

Check out some of these ideas and try to think up one of your own. Just don’t go out dressed as ‘yourself’. You won’t be getting any candy for that.

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