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A True Classic Since 1985

The Air Jordan 1 has been one of the most iconic sneakers ever made. This sneaker created history, and leaves a legacy on Hall Of Famer Michael Jordan’s career. But this particular shoe has made a huge emphasis in the culture of streetwear. From its high quality use of materials, sleek Colorways, and classic look it’s easy to tell why this shoe has remained as one of the most historic shoes of all time.

Unlike normal shoes, Jordan sneakers are used to tell a story. In 2016, Nike has released several original Colorways to commemorate some of MJ’s most supreme moments. The “OG’s” as many call them, represent iconic times in Jordan’s career, including a black, white, and red pair that represents and is commonly nicknamed the “Banned” 1’s due to being the shoe that Jordan constantly got fined by the NBA for.

The Jordan 1 has become a grail in my collection, and has sparked interest in me collecting a series of the original Colorways. I have come across a pair from 2002, which is a sleek Chicago inspired Colorway that’s a flipped version of the original “Banned” silhouette. I particularly like this shoe based off it being a older shoe, similar to how a shoe looks after 5 to 10 years. It starts to develop character and the shoe never looks bad if it becomes beat up from the rain or snow.

It’s an overall all-season shoe, and can be matched with anything from joggers to jeans, particularly ones that give a stacked look. The shoe also stands out if you go with earth tonal colors for a top, or a vintage black and white tee. Naturally, these go perfect with and any type of denim or joggers.

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