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Trend Tuesday: For The Love Of Velvet

The velvet craze is alive and one of the most unique trends we are seeing this fall. A natural mix of vintage and rustic chic, there is no limit to how you can incorporate this trend into your own style. 2016 has market the year of the velvet comeback; we're talking skirts, dresses, jumpers, booties, chokers, button-downs, tanks, crop tops, leggings- you name it, it's available in velvet. So what's the fascination with velvet this fall? It's probably a mix of the soft-meets-grunge-meets-bold sensation that brings 90's fashion nostalgia into full force.

Velvet is not only trendy, it's incredibly versatile. You can rock a velvet heeled boot with frayed jeans, throw a leather jacket over your velvet dress, or even wear a velvet choker to add a little edge to your look. On the contrary, velvet has a soft, feminine look that brings sophistication to the surface. Whatever velvet piece you have, you can personalize the color scheme to suit your own style for whatever you're feeling that day.

To finalize on the brilliance of the velvet trend, we can't forget about statement pieces. Wearing velvet takes your outfit up a notch. It’s a sharp, bold look that combines the art of streetwear and the individuality of personal pieces. A velvet heel, turtleneck, or even bag can bring an entire outfit to life. With the holiday’s right around the corner, velvet is the perfect way to spice up a seasonal look. However you choose to do so, you can't go wrong adding these dynamic pieces (A.K.A. a little velvet) into your wardrobe.

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