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Shop Your Favorite Instagram Looks, Instantly

Instagram is a great place to see your friends’ pictures and endless selfies. If you’re like me, the rest of your feed is full of fashion, models, and beauty accounts. These are all Instagram accounts of people I’ve never met before, but love to live vicariously through their seemingly picture perfect lives. Scrolling through the gram is a great way to find fashion and beauty inspiration. For me, one of the most frustrating aspects of liking a fashion or beauty picture on Instagram is thinking “I wonder where they got that cute top” or “what highlight is she using bc it’s on point” and not having any of those questions answered.

A new fashion site has finally answered those insta-envy prayers! ‘Like to Know it’ is a website and app that will take you from liking a picture on Instagram to having that piece in your closet in only three steps.

  1. Sign up on

  2. Like an Instagram photo with a Like to Know it link

  3. Receive ready to-to-shop product links right to your screen instantly or your email account for later

This site is easy to lose track of time in between the clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, hair products, and even interior design links that are provided. They get thousands of requests from people all over the world who want to be influencers on their site, which means those who are featured are the real deal when it comes to style. So sit back and relax as Instagram can now be a place for fashion, beauty, inspiration, and most importantly $hopping.

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