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Shoulder Show-off

The off-the-shoulder trend has been around for quite a while. Since Sandy from Grease wore the classic, tight black off-the-shoulder shirt, all the way up to today we've seen this charismatic look. Although it's normally popular as a warm-weather trend, it's looking like winter of 2017 is making an off-the-shoulder arrival stronger than ever.

Shirts aren't the only clothing option in the off-the-should category. Dresses, leotards, sweaters, sweatshirts, and crop tops are all off-the-shoulder worthy in today's unique fashion world. The off-the-shoulder look is simple, yet alluring. It can add the sexiness to a plain blouse that is cute, but simple. It can also add a classy look to one-shoulder dresses, and give it that glamorous style you might be going for. Anyway you want to wear it, the off-the-shoulder look is there for you to spice up your outfit, or stay simple and cool. Style on!

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