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Karlie Kloss and the Power of Body Positivity

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Mariah Ricci

Karlie Kloss, American supermodel, knows a thing or two about fitness. Kloss who is only 24 already has been the model for Nike and Adidas, two huge athletic powerhouses. What makes Karlie so unique is that she is a model who has always taken her health very seriously. In an article from, Kloss was applauded for her ability to brand herself as a model-athlete.

“The interesting thing about Karlie is that she is that athlete woman. Her fitness is not a diet fitness, it is exercise fitness, it's a strength. She's authentic." – Amy Montagne, Vice President and General Manager of Nike’s Women division.

In an industry that can get a bad reputation for models being too skinny, Kloss has demonstrated her health goes behind just her physical persistence in the gym. She is a role model for young women for encouraging them to take care of themselves every day, and that a healthy body is one you’re comfortable in, not what the scale says.

Karlie is known for her inspirational fitness pictures she posts on her Instagram, often using hashtags like #FitnessFriday, #MotivationalMonday and #NeverDone. Kloss is also an ambassador for both Adidas and Nike, and inspires viewers with her creative posts.

With a background in ballet, Kloss truly does every type of workout- she’s a runner, yogi, does ModelFit, boxing, and Nike Training club workouts (which are no joke if you’ve ever dared to try one). Kloss is also a perfect example of an “anytime, anywhere” exercise enthusiast. She has posted pictures casually running through France, doing some yoga in Hawaii, or some ballet in a studio.

Karlie is a great model for young girls, and is an advocate for practicing a healthy lifestyle, no matter what your ability is. For Karlie, there's no limit to what the mind, body and soul can achieve. All you have to do is get started.

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