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SSLOTD ft. Libby Hornstein

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Mariah Ricci

Our first winner for the CDR Fashion Awards gave us some insight into her personal style, favorite trends and how she expresses herself through fashion. Photos by Ryan Shimko.

Q1: How would you describe your personal style?

LH: I would describe my personal style as classic, simplistic and sophisticated. I always try to pick pieces that have a classic look to them and able to have multiple uses and will work for any type of occasion.

Q2: Where are your favorite places to shop and why?

LH: Depending on what type of occasion I am dressing for depends on where I will shop. Usually I shop at Charlotte Russe, Forever 21,

American Eagle and H&M. I usually get most of my classy/sophisticated looks from H&M. They always have great pieces that are easy to mix and match depending on the occasion and have great pieces of clothing that you can layer for any type of weather. For my more casual/simple looks I usually get those clothes from American Eagle or Charlotte Russe. I love piecing an oversized sweater with a blanket scarf and boyfriend jeans for a casual but cute look. Those types of looks are effortless and are a trend right now.

Q3: How does your style help you express yourself?

LH: My style helps me express myself in a way that makes me feel unique but at the same time compliments my personality. I am not able to truly be me in an outfit that doesn’t match my personality. When I love an outfit not only will I know it but others around me will too.

Q4: What is your favorite trend of 2017 so far and why?

LH: Two of my favorite trends of 2017 so far are the choker necked shirts/sweaters and the leotards, especially long sleeved leotards. I love how you can dress up the leotard with a blazer to go to work in and then take off the blazer and the leotard is perfect for a night out. The choker neck is an easy way to have something look edgy but at the same time is an effortless piece of clothing that does not need many accessories.

Q5: What was your favorite part of the photo shoot experience?

LH: I loved how effortless and laid back it was. I have been involved in some photoshoots where I had to do uncomfortable positions and make certain looks that I did not feel expressed who I was. This photoshoot let me choose the look I wanted and made me feel comfortable in the location and the outfit that I had chosen.

Q6: Who is your style inspiration and why?

LH: My style inspiration would be like that of Marilyn Monroe’s style. She always had a classic look no matter where was going but she had some looks that were edgy for the time era and she truly allowed her style and personality to show no matter where she was or what she was wearing.

Q7: In your opinion, how does style and individuality relate to the art of being you?

LH: Style and individuality relates to being you in so many ways. Everyone is different and has a different style from that of their peers. With showing your personality through your apparel shows your individuality from others. Style is a way for people to express themselves ina way that some find to be difficult. I had a hard time finding my style and have wanted to try new looks because I love how they look on the mannequin or on a girl I see on campus but with trying to pull off those looks I realized that the reason I didn’t feel like myself in them was because they truly weren’t who I am and weren’t how I wanted to express myself and my personality. I have found a good balance between trying new things but keeping my personality and who I am in every outfit that I wear.

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