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FASHIONABLE's Mark on Sustainable Fashion

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Mariah Ricci

Sustainable fashion can take on many forms. For the founders of FASHIONABLE, it took on the form of charity, change, and the empowerment of women. FASHIONABLE is a company focused on the local and global development of women in poverty driven areas. The FASHIONABLE business works to provide opportunities for women in unbearable circumstances, and creates opportunities for the free trade of their products. FASHIONABLE's products consist of hand-woven scarves, leather goods made in Ethiopia and hand-made jewelry from Nashville, TN.

Rather than donating their profits to charities that help impoverished areas, FASHIONABLE provides the opportunity to manufacture the products these communities are made in, creating jobs along the way.

FASHIONABLE's commitment to creating economic opportunities for women in developing countries is the focus of their unique business model. More simply stated, you can understand the FASHIONABLE mission here:

“Your purchase of a FASHIONABLE product creates sustainable business opportunities for women locally and globally.” -FASHIONABLE, 2017

Rachel and Barrett Ward are the creative minds behind the brand, founding the company in 2010. Their goal in creating FASHIONABLE was to aid women overcoming homelessness, addiction, prostitution and other tragic circumstances. FASHIONABLE provides opportunities for these women to support their families in communities that face such challenges.

At FASHIONABLE, the cycle of poverty can be stopped by giving women the opportunities to be a part of a social-economic change. At CDR, we are happy to support and encourage the power of sustainable fashion at every level, just like the founders of FASHIONABLE had in mind when they crafted such an empowering company.

For more information on FASHIONABLE and how you can get involved, check out their website and social accounts for more updates and opportunities to be a part of their local and global efforts.

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