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Trend Tuesday: Must-Have Swimsuits

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Coryn Clay

It’s so close yet still so far… Summer 2017 is on its way, and you know what that means? Bikini season is almost here! The new bathing suit trends are bringing back high-wasted bottoms, which was a hot trend from the 80’s. This trend is beneficial if you don’t feel like you are “summer body ready” or maybe just having a bloated day (something we all have to deal with!).

Designers are coming out with different cuts on suits that go up the sides to make them comfortable, yet still trendy. Another summer must-have is the infamous one piece. There is a wide variety of one pieces ranging from cheeky bottoms, cut outs, open back, and low cuts (just to name a few!).

Off-the-shoulder bikini tops are giving us 70’s retro vibes that might not be good for tan lines, but it’s a look so many of us simply adore. Some other trends we're seeing are sporty halter tops and high neck bikinis. The wonderful thing about these trends is that they range in different cuts that compliment girls of all sizes. These trends may not be the best for tan lines, but you’ll definitely look stylish while your catching some rays.

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