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Florals for Spring 2017

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Brianna Farringer

As we are coming into the spring, we want to be totally updated on all of the hottest trends for the season. Floral clothing has always an essential for spring and summer but they are even more popular this spring 2017 season. You can wear these floral patterns on any clothing item form tops and dresses to accessories such as scarfs. Even bathing suits are coming in cute floral patterns to spice up the look while you are laying poolside when the warm month’s summer come.

Above are some photos of different outfits that include floral patterns that are favorites. You can choose a more casual look by pairing a cute floral top, with shots and sandals. This look can be worn in so many different settings. An outfit like this is great for the daytime for lunch with friends or going shopping. By placing a floral top with some shorts and cute sandals you are sure to have the perfect spring outfit.

These beautiful floral patterns are also seen on so many spring dresses. An outfit like this would be perfect for going out to a nice dinner or even for a special vacation you may have planned. Either way a floral dress is a great piece. Pairing a dress with nice heels will give you a dressier look but placing it with a casual wedge or sandal will dress it down and make the outfit more versatile.

The floral patterns are also seen worn on accessories such as scarfs. Scarfs are a great add to any outfit to make it more unique. I love floral scarf because it can be added to any outfit to give it that pop of color it needs.

Adding floral patterns to your 2017 spring wardrobe is essential. There are so many ways to wear them dressy or casual, the options are endless!


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