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Outfit Layering Tips

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Alexandra Baddour

For me, Winter sucks. You freeze outside, but as soon as you step into a classroom or office you start sweating. That temperature difference can make it hard to decide what to wear in the morning.

That's where layering comes in! Start with as many layers as the cold demands, and remove layers when you start to warm up.

1. For your outer layers, the ones meant more for warmth than style, the basic style is hood + no hood + no sleeves. Your innermost layer should be well-fitted, and if you're going to wear a hood, this is the place to put it. This will also usually be the lightest layer. On top of that goes your warmer, heavier coat, without a hood. You can wear multiple hoods, but it will get bulky. If it's still jacket season, not coat season, you can wear a vest jacket on top of both of those.

2. The over layers are your fashionable warmth layers – sweaters and blazers. If you're going to be in a cooler indoor area, try layering a blazer over a cardigan or other sweater. You can always remove one or both layers as the temperature dictates.

3. Unfortunately, there's only so much you can wear over an outfit without feeling bulky. That's where layering under your main outfit can help. Long-sleeved t-shirts can be worn under short-sleeved graphic tees or long-sleeved button-ups. Want to make sure your legs stay warm too? Fleece-lined tights are your friend. They look like regular tights, but they're thicker and very soft on the inside. They're perfect for dressing up with skirts, but can be worn under jeans or dress pants for an extra layer.

So go on, get dressed, and stay warm!

Alexandra Baddour

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