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Fashion in Mexico

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Hope Hoehler

It is obvious that fashion in the United States varies greatly from fashion around the world. In this post we are going to look at the fashion in Mexico. Clothing in Mexico tends to focus on more bold and vivid designs on delicate and intricate fabrics. Some of the most widely worn clothes in Mexico include the huipil, quechquemitl, rebozo, and Puebla dress.

These are simply a few common styles worn by the women in Mexico. The traditional male clothing includes charro and mariachi suit as well as the ever-famous sombrero.

Although one should not assume that these male garments are the casual clothing worn every day. As much as they are part of the Mexican culture, these garments are reserved for special festivals and celebrations and are rarely worn on a day to day basis. Unlike the men, the women can be seen wearing these clothes on a daily basis around the home and the out and about. The fashion industry has been growing steadily with famous designers such as Manuel Cuevas, Jose Maria Torre. Eduardo Lucero, and Rogelio Velasco

Hope Hoehler

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