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Fair Trade Winds - The Ultimate Goal in Sustainability

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Madison Weinzierl

Fair Trade Winds is a sustainable, ethical, unique gifts trading company, which is a holistic organization who links each affiliate or workshop along the way of making their products. It is a company that is all about making everyone a part of their family. No matter whether or not it is the factories they partner up with or the customers they sell to, they want their company to feel like one big “extended family.”

The company's mission and vision statements include that the people and our planet should not be misused in order to get the products we buy. Fair Trade Winds wants their products to never produce harmful waste or pollution. This company partners with small workshops and artisan co-ops that are aware of the resources that are reused and used.

It is also extremely important that people’s rights are respected and valued in the workplace. They also believe people should be equally paid for their work. Fair Trade Winds continues this idea by an equal pay wage for men and women. They believe it helps ensure a decent standard of living and for families to be able to function comfortably.

Fair Trade Winds believes there is a product of theirs for every occasion whether it be a dress for a party or a get-well-soon card. With each purchase, a part of it goes to the farmer or artisan who created it to an employee who sold it.

Madison Weinzierl

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