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A Company with a Cause

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Lindsay Mulhollen

With the holiday season in full swing, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect gift for your friends, family members, or that special someone. Having countless options to consider can be a little mind-boggling to say the least. But, why not make it easy on yourself and find a gift that everyone can get behind and love with PAWZ!

The company PAWZ was established with one mission in mind, to “help save the dogs in style.” Every day innocent dogs across the United States are euthanized due to a lack of resources in shelters. Dedicated to giving back to man’s best friend, PAWZ donates 10 percent of all proceeds to these shelters.

On most of their products, their simple yet cute logo is present making it a great gift for fashion and animal lovers alike. Not to mention, with all of the products they have to offer there is something for everyone. They have everything from short sleeves, tank tops, long sleeves, hoodies, jewelry, hats, a handful of men’s items, and even matching accessories for you and your four-legged pal!

It is a gift you will especially feel good about giving knowing your purchase is helping to make a difference. The only problem you may run into is what to purchase since it’s all adorable! However, if you still can’t find the right gift and still want to make a purchase from a charitable company there are tons of other companies out there with similar missions. Such as, Ivory Ella whose mission is to help protect the elephants and Shelly Cove who donates a portion of their profits to help save the sea turtles!

Lindsay Mulhollen

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