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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Taeler Wright

Monochromatic is a trend we have subtly been seeing for quite a while. If you don't know what "monochrome" is, it is a combination of "mono" meaning single and "chromatic" meaning color. So a monochromatic outfit would be one with pieces that all consist of the same color. Now, when you think about a solid red or blue outfit, that sounds pretty bland. The great thing about this look is, although everything is the same color, you can jazz it up by using different variations and textures of that color to fit your liking.

We all have that all-black outfit that we love to wear that gives us the confidence of looking put-together while keeping it simple at the same time. This is the same thing except that you play around with the shades of a color more. Wearing multiple layers that have different textures, but are the same color, can add depth and dimensions to an outfit. Dressing monochromatic can give you the appearance of a shape that is taller or slimmer, since there is not much to break the outfit. The key to dressing like this is to find colors that you feel compliment you, play around with patterns, mix textures, and use proportions to highlight the areas of your body using the "right" shades of color. Now who still thinks that wearing one color is boring?


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