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Spring Professional Style

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Madison Weinzierl

Dressing for success starts with a few staple pieces including a solid blouse, a tapered pant, and flats or booties. Dressing professionally in any industry is important and sticking to your own personal style can be hard while doing so. How do you make your dull work wardrobe ready for spring?

A lot of work places do not allow for colored hair or bright nails, which are ways to express yourself through style. You can express your own springtime style through other things such as accessories and prints. Using a colored purse can really brighten a dull outfit. Choosing a color like red, orange, or bright blue are great and trendy pops of color.

Another way to express your style in the workplace is by brightening up your makeup. Doing a colored shadow or a fun lipstick will help give your duller work wardrobe a springtime lift. Using a bright highlight for your cheekbones is a good way to bring light toward your eyes and to bring the sun to your face. Pinks, reds, and oranges are beautiful spring colors and look great on most skin tones.

Tapered pants are a staple for any professional wardrobe. You can buy neutral, printed, and colored pants anywhere from New York & Company to Walmart. Pair printed pants with a solid, bright top. Keeping at least one of the outfit pieces a solid color will help make the outfit more cohesive. Adding a statement necklace can tie the whole look together.

Shoes, for most people at least, are the most important part of an outfit. I pick out my shoes before I even choose an outfit and base it around the shoes. If you are trying to add color to the work wardrobe, shoes are a great way to add pattern and color. A nice spring-colored or floral print shoe can bring a boring outfit to life.

Overall, expressing your style in appropriate ways for the workplace is extremely important. Making sure your own style is showing through at all times allows you to have a personal identity that makes you, you.


Photo Credit

Madison Weinzierl

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