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Sustainable Brands Give Back to the Earth

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Hope Hoehler

Earth Day is fast approaching, and with sustainability being a core value of CDR, I looked to see what brands that value sustainability are doing.

The first brand is Amour Vert. The pieces in this collection are 100% sustainable and made in the USA, and in addition to that, Amour Vert works continually with the non-profit American Forests as part of its "Buy a Tee, Plant a T(r)ee" program. Amour Vert will plant a tree in America for each tee that is sold. In honor of Earth Day, Amour Vert will plant another tree if you post a picture of a tree on Instagram and tag #PlantATreeAV and tag @Amourvert. Who doesn't want to help restore the Earth, while at the same time getting a super cute tee?

Sararose on Oak has a variety of clothing and accessories that are produced with a focus on protecting Mother Earth. Ten percent of all its sales go to the non-profit Ocean Conservancy, which works to protect the oceans and the wildlife and communities that depend on them. The clothes are adorable too, which is always a plus!

One of the last brands that I looked at was AG Jeans, whose main priority is waste reduction. This denim brand cuts its patterns to maximize fabric yardage. The scraps are collected for weekly recycling and are then repurposed as car and home insulation. But wait - there's more! Many of AG's garments incorporate natural fibers like modal and tencel. If that isn't a good reason to go and buy their clothes, then let me give you one more: they're super cute too!

These are simply a few brands that give back to the environment, though there are many more out there!


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