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Cleaning Out Your Closet

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

By Lindsay Mulhollen

Earth Day is quickly approaching! It's hard to believe, since the weather has been going from one extreme to the next. Hopefully, Spring will be making an appearance soon.

With warmer thoughts in mind, this is the perfect time to start some much-needed spring cleaning, and what better place is there to start than your closet! If you're anything like me, you often find yourself holding on to items you haven’t worn recently, if ever. As we begin the transition from winter to summer apparel, it is beneficial to keep these steps in mind when cleaning out your closet.

The first step, which very well may be the most important, is finding the time to begin the dreaded process of decluttering. If it seems like a chore, you're likely going to start, get half way through, and abandon your project, or just avoid it all together. It is best to begin when you have a decent amount of free time and the motivation to tackle the project.

The next step is removing everything from your closet - and I mean everything! It will allow you to start with a clean slate and make organizing and rearranging less of a hassle. When it comes to organizing, you can group your wardrobe by season, color, style, or whatever works best for you.

Questions you should be asking yourself at this point may include: Does this article of clothing fit? Have I worn this in the past year? Is there any damage to this piece and can it be repaired? If I was shopping today would I buy this? If the answer to any of these questions is "no," it’s time to get rid of that piece. A helpful tip for keeping track of what you wear often is by flipping the hanger to the opposite side, then turning it around after you wear what is hanging on it. This way, when a year is up, you can see what you haven’t been wearing.

The final step is the greatest step of all, donating! If you end up with clothes you would like to get rid of that are gently used or new, donating them to a worthy cause. It’s a feeling like no other. Many stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and the Saint Vincent de Paul have drop off locations at their stores. Or, you may want to seek out some local shelters in your region who accept donations. They’ll appreciate the donation and you’ll feel gratification doing it!

If you're here on campus, the College Dress Relief Earth Day clothing drive is going on! Look out for the boxes we've placed around campus and feel free to drop off any clothing you don't want anymore. All donations will go to St Vincent de Paul.


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