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CDR Gets Spooky

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Alexandra Baddour

Halloween has come and gone already, and soon we'll be knee-deep in November!

Two of our members shared their costumes with us:

Hope (@hope_marie22), CDR's vice president, went as a Pink Lady from the movie Grease!

"I love Grease, and it was a cute, simple, and inexpensive costume that could easily be tied together with a bandanna and bow, pink lipstick, and eyeshadow."

Alex (@alexbaddour), our blog manager, went for some vintage witch vibes.

"Having a lot of dark clothes makes going as a witch easy and comfy! I ended up with a nice 1910s shape, but forgot my hat."

College Dress Relief is celebrating Halloween all week with a costume contest and #CDRGetsSpooky. Check out our Instagram @collegedressrelief for info on the contest, and don't forget to post your entry before November 4th!


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