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The Beauty Behind Rock Falls

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Catherine Dumm

Spring is right around the corner which means everyone is dying to go outside and explore the outdoors, but there's is nothing do in Slippery Rock. WRONG! Rock Falls is the perfect local spot to go to.

What exactly is Rock Falls Park? It is a small campground where you either spend the day or stay the night. It is a simple trip off campus onto Centreville Pike, and it is right there on your right. It's just a simple $1 donation for parking for the day. As you walk up to the rocks along the creek you can just hear the majestic sound of water flowing down the hill.

If you want to get more adventurous and venture out, you can make your way through the trees and under the bridge. If you folllow the rocks and go under the bridge, you can find hand crafted murals that people have created with spray paint over time. Under the bridge my friends and I did some digging and found a #SRUDeutschRock! They are hidden all around Slippery Rock. Once you find one you take a picture of the rock and send it then re-hide the rock at a place of your choice.

Now the main part of the park is the campground area. It looks like a scene right out of Camp Rock - the whole area is filled with stages, tapestries, lights, and campfires. The whole area is breathtaking! You can just relax and take in the fresh air. There are many outlets that have lights connected to them to light up the whole area during night.

Directly behind the campground is a set of rope swings. Whether you just want to relax and feel a cool breeze run through your hair or take a running jump off the rope and into the stream, it is the perfect place to let off some steam.

Don’t just pass up Rock Falls - go see the beauty behind it and explore!

$1 for a day

$8 for a night camping

As a bonus, check out CDR's social media for a video of Rock Falls done by Catherine Dumm!


Photo Credit

Catherine Dumm (@catherinedumm1)

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