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Thrifting Tips for Students on a Budget

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Fiona McKenzie

Being a college student is hard - going to school full time, working, trying to keep up with a social life, and everything else we have to do really piles up. Personally, I love to shop for new clothes, it’s a sort of stress relief for me. However, it’s hard to do so on a tight college-student budget. That’s why I choose to shop at thrift stores for a majority of my wardrobe. To a lot of people, thrift stores can sound unappealing and like too much work for a couple outfits. Thrifting is part of the fun of shopping! You have to look hard, but you might end up with something you really love that will last a long time for only a couple dollars. Just last week, I purchased a Hawaiian shirt for spring break for $3!

Since I'm a frequent shopper at thrift stores, I try and keep myself aware of all the best prices. Here are some tips that have helped me find great finds and save money!

- On Wednesdays, Salvation Army has “Family Discount Day.” This means almost all the clothing is fifty-percent off. You can find great deals on clothing, like sweatshirts between $2-$6 and some clothes as low as a dollar.

- On Sunday’s Goodwill clothing with a certain color tag are on sale for ninety-nine-cents. Throughout the week, certain color tags are 25% or 50% off. You can also go to Goodwill warehouses where you fill up a bin and the clothes are sold by the pound. Goodwill has just opened boutiques as well in select locations - they sell more name brand clothing and the prices are a little higher than the regular Goodwill.

- Plato’s Closet is another great place for trendy finds! It’s a little pricier than common thrift stores, but not my much. Sometimes they have sales on clearance items up to 90% off. You can also drop off old clothing and get cash on the spot - they go through your clothing and choose pieces they want to buy from you. It's great if you're looking to earn a few bucks.

There are Salvation Army and Goodwill locations about fifteen minutes away from Slippery Rock. Plato’s Closet is about thirty minutes away. Goodwill warehouses and boutiques are further out. These places are great to go on a low budget, and especially if you're looking for something new for spring break!!


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Fiona McKenzie

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