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The Ultimate Guide to Face Masks

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Riley Bitonti

The best way to pamper yourself, no matter what kind of day you're having, is with a face mask! They are quick, easy, and cost-effective when it comes to achieving flawless looking skin! However, perfecting your skin involves figuring out what skin type you are. No matter what your skin is craving, there is a face mask for you. Choosing the perfect mask can be challenging, so I am going to break down three different types to help you figure out which one is the best for you.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are pre-cut, store bought, disposable masks that are infused with serums or concentrated nutrients. You can usually get them at any local shopping center. They are used to help skin look younger and dewier without using any harmful ingredients. Sheet masks are not very good if you are looking for a deep pore cleanse, but they will leave your skin looking silky and smooth.

Clay Masks

Unlike sheet masks, clay masks are perfect for drawing out impurities. They can also be purchased at a shopping center, or you can even make your own with all organic ingredients. Since these masks really dig deep, they do tend to dry out the skin as they harden and set. The best way to keep skin happy and healthy is to moisturize after any kind of treatment because your skin always desires nourishment.

Hydrating Masks

Hydrating masks are unlike other masks because they help all skin types. They help prevent dull, cracked skin without clogging pores. You can find these masks in many shapes and sizes at prices that range from low to high. Hydrating masks can also be made with soothing ingredients such as honey, oatmeal, or even yogurt. The sole purpose of this mask is to rejuvenate your skin.

Face masks can benefit your skin and help with self-confidence on many levels. Taking the time to spoil yourself every once in awhile will make you feel happier and more comfortable. Try out different face masks and see which one you like best!


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