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Recreating Iconic Movie Outfits: The Breakfast Club

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Drew Confer & Gabby Yanniello

Have you ever watched a movie and wished you could have the same outfits the characters have? We have plenty of times, especially with cult classic films. One of our favorites is The Breakfast Club. The 1984 film is known for its subtle, yet memorable, clothing pieces and the different styles each character has. Instead of hoping and wishing we had their outfits we decided to try to recreate the five main characters outfits with clothing pieces we already have in our closets to prove that you do not need a hundreds of dollars to look like your favorite movie character!


Claire’s outfit is a bit outside of my comfort zone. She paired colors and textures I would never think of putting together. Instead of trying to find the exact pieces of clothing, I decided to follow the idea of mixing colors and textures. My Gun’s & Roses top is from H&M, my denim skirt is from Forever 21, my shoes are Adidas Superstars, and my teddy jacket is from Zaful. I was unsure at first if I was going to like this outfit, but I would definitely wear this again! This outfit would be perfect for the typical western Pennsylvania spring weather!

John’s outfit is way more of my style. I love denim and distressed looks, so finding similar pieces in my closet was very easy. My ripped black jeans are from Target, my jean jacket is from Tommy Hilfiger, my flannel is thrifted, my shirt is from Sam’s Club (surprisingly Sam’s has a lot of cute and cheap clothes!), and my sunglasses are from Wilsons Leather. This outfit is similar to what I wear on a weekly basis, so I would definitely wear this outfit again!


Allison’s outfit was something that was super simple for me to toss together. I like black clothes and neutrals, so her outfit was very similar to my typical winter outfit. However, unlike Allison, I do not own a skirt, let alone a patterned skirt. Instead of the solid top and patterned bottom I flipped them! So my plain black jeans are from American Eagle, my turtleneck was my mom’s, the sweater was thrifted from Society of St.Vincent de Paul, and my shoes are Keds. This outfit would be perfect for those blistery SRU days. I will so be wearing this on a cold day with a top knot.

Andrew’s outfit was super simple at first glance, but then after digging around my closet I realized that it was going to be trickier than I originally thought. I decided some light wash, ripped, mom jeans from American Eagle to keep things on trend with today. Then instead of the blue tank top, I opted for a similar shade of blue Joe Hertler shirt that I rolled the sleeves on and flipped inside out, and some shoes I found at DSW over winter break. I do have a varsity jacket sitting in my basement at home that I forgot to grab on my way out so if you have one, it would be the perfect final touch!

Brian’s outfit is very simple and a little dorky but so am I! For his look I really struggled finding out what kind of top he was wearing, only to discover that it is just an inside out green sweatshirt. I wanted to find khaki pants that weren’t horrendous and that I could wear again. After skimming through the men’s pants for about twenty minutes, I was losing hope but then I found them. The pants were so unique, the waist was elastic, the perfect length, high-waisted, and the tags were still on so of course I had to grab them. So my shirt is from the SRU Bookstore, my pants are from Goodwill, and my shoes are from DSW. I think I enjoy these clothes - not all together, but FOR SURE you will see me styling in these pants again.


Photo Credit

Drew Confer (@drew.confer)

Gabrielle Yanniello (@gabbyyanniello)

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