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Going Blond

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Fiona McKenzie

Since I was 16, I have wanted to be blond. I remember sitting in class daydreaming about living near the beach running around tan with long blond hair. Well, turns out I’m not a huge fan of the beach and I don’t tan - I burn. However, I did get blond hair. A lot of young adults dye their hair all sorts of fun colors! I’ve dyed my hair purple, which was so much fun, but had to dye it back to a “normal” color for a job. When I was 18, I decided I wanted to try out blond hair. Little did I know how hard keeping up with blond hair would be - I have to get my hair done every 4-6 weeks spending anywhere from $95-130. Fortunately, I have learned some hair tips for blonds in order to maintain the silver hair color as well as still have some health in my hair.

So if you’re thinking of going blond anytime soon, or are already blond, here are some tips I’ve found to help me!

1. Get a good conditioner. Your hair will most likely be dry from the constant bleaching. You will need a good conditioner that will help to revitalize your hair. I use a conditioner called Nourishing + Coconut Milk. It’s a good price and works well on my hair! I believe it runs from $6-7 at Walmart.

2. Use conditioning hair masks 1-2 times a week. I use moroccan oil hair masks and they help my hair retain smoothness and strength. I mostly concentrate on putting the mask on the ends of my hair and I let it sit for thirty minutes to an hour.

3. Get a leave in conditioner spray. I use It’s a 10 and Not Your Mother’s Royal Honey Kalahari Desert Melon leave in conditioner. The It’s a 10 spray is amazing and completely changes the texture of your hair. It conditions it and makes it come back to life! I use the Not Your Mother’s spray occasionally when I don’t have the It’s a 10 on hand and it works pretty well!

4. Learn how to tone your hair. One of the problems of being blond is having to deal with your hair turning brassy due to the water in your city or the shampoo you’re using. If you learn how to tone your hair you can eliminate the brassiness and avoid spending money for a hair stylist to tone your hair. You can get all the products needed for this from Sally’s Beauty Salon. However, I would only recommend this if you’re certain you know what you’re doing as I’ve turned my roots bright orange before!

5. My final tip is to get a GREAT purple shampoo. I have used purple shampoos for a while and never really found one that gave me the silver affect I wanted. I found Fanola shampoo. This is relatively cheap for purple shampoo. This shampoo leaves my hair without any tint of yellow and sometimes even gives it a pretty purplish hue. I use it 1-2 times a week only as it is so strong it could turn my hair slightly purple by using it daily. I would suggest reading reviews on how many times to use it for your hair color type.

Hair is such a fun way to get creative! You don’t need to dye it to get creative either, you can experiment with different styles. I hope some of these tips helped you if you’re a blond, or if you’re going blond then I hope this helped give you some insight into some good products to use! This is just what works for me, so it might be different for you, depending on your hair type.

This spring, challenge yourself to try something new and bold with your hair, whether it be a surprising color or different style!


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Fiona McKenzie

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