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Spring Study Breaks

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Fiona McKenzie

Week 12 is here and it’s time for a reminder:

This time of the year is extremely busy. Most coffee shops are filled with college students lingering until closing time trying to concentrate on finishing some sort of paper or project. Everyone is running back and forth on campus trying to get to the printers, class, or their adviser. This all means the end of the semester is finally coming. Woohoo!

Until the end of the semester is here, we need to remember to care for ourselves and enjoy our last couple month,s whether it's our last months of college, or last months of freshman, sophomore, or junior year. One major thing we have to remind ourselves is, WE SURVIVED! Yes, we have made it this far!

Here are a couple tips/things to keep in mind while the next couple weeks approach us quickly.

- Yes, school is important, but your mental health is more important. Take a deep breath, or a break from studying - you can pick back up later.

- Spend time with your friends, family, or SO, the ones that make you happy. In a time of stress it’s important to surround yourself with those who love you and make you feel at ease.

- Go for a walk/hike/bike ride, anything you like to do outdoors. Spring is here and it is finally getting warm. Take advantage of this weather by going for a walk after a long stressful day.

- Since spring is here, the drive in Movie Theater, various ice cream shops, and parks are now open nearby. These are awesome study break ideas, though seeing a movie can take a long time, the drive in can also be fun and relaxing when you need a night off.

- We are in WEEK 12, which means 3 MORE WEEKS left! You WILL get through this!

- Watch a tv show that is light and funny to keep your mind at ease.

- Summer is approaching and that means summer break, relaxation, ice cream, and the pool.

- Ask a friend you’ve been meaning to hang out with to do something.

There are a million things we can do this week to help ourselves out, we just need to be aware of our options. I challenge you as the final weeks approach to try something new. Help yourself feel relaxed or clear your head and share it with your loved ones in case they’re experiencing stress in their fast moving lives as well.


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Fiona McKenzie

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