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Formal Dress Shopping...

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Riley Bitoni

... and an update on our collection for Autumn's Closet!

I wanted to personally thank those who donated to CDR’s formal dress collection held at the Slippery Rock University campus during the month of March. All donations went to Autumn’s Closet, a new non-profit boutique that collects and provides free-to-borrow formal dresses to those who want to experience a wonderful formal event. The collection received a remarkable total of 20 dresses, and all will be donated to this lovely and inspiring cause.


Prom season is here! It is time to get ready for the stress, chaos, and fun that comes along with picking out the right dress. The search for a prom dress can be overwhelming because there are so many different types of dresses out there. But don’t worry! Here are a few simple styles and trends that are sure to flatter just about everyone.

Bold Prints:

If you are looking for a unique and colorful dress that will stand out in any room, then a dress with a bold print is for you! These beautiful dresses are romantic with lots of personality, and are sure to get everyone's attention. They can even be re-worn for other spring-time events, such as weddings or festivals.

Glam Gowns:

A glittery, sequined gown will most definitely be a showstopper on your big night. You could either go with full sequins from head-to-toe or with subtle accents of embroidery. Both will make you sparkle and shine like never before. But remember, the more sequins on the dress, the heavier the dress will become.


These dresses have been in style for the past few years and there is no sign of getting rid of them. You can pair them with other outfits or even mix-and-match them with other two-piece dresses. The possibilities are endless! The two-piece style is fun and creative so you can always make it your own.

Fitted Velvet:

This gorgeous fabric adds a sense of texture and sophistication to a modern, chic look. Velvet dresses include any type of embellishment, neckline, or color. These types of dresses look great when they are bodycon and fitted. It is always a nice touch to go with a simple and elegant theme that makes a big impact.

The Mermaid Look:

Unlike the fitted velvet, the mermaid dress is meant to contour your curves in all the right places. It makes for a perfect hour class shape that can be suitable for anyone. This type of dress flairs out at the bottom and adds a dramatic finish onto the silhouette. Once again, these dresses can be found in any fabric or color choice.

Even though dress shopping can seem like a stressful task, it is always a good idea to stay hopeful and positive. There is a perfect dress out there for anyone who’s looking, and that doesn’t mean you always have to spend an extravagant amount of money to find it. Instead of spending tons of money at fancy prom stores, you can always look at non-profit boutiques to find all your prom needs!


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