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My Truest Self

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Drew Confer

The beauty community is pretty poppin’ right now - everyone is talking about new makeup palettes, collections dropping, or what the next big trend is, and I can understand their excitement, because it is quite exciting. I can admit to spending quite a lot of money on makeup, but it’s makeup I NEVER USE. I can’t quite grasp the concept of the elaborate makeup that people like Jeffree Star or James Charles are known to do EVERYDAY. Anytime I attempt to try something like they do, I feel good about it in the moment, but when I see pictures of myself, I vow to never try that again. So, eventually, I swore off makeup for good. Then, I discovered natural makeup.

When I would do the glam makeup, I would spend hours doing it and then immediately rub off everything except for my mascara and then head out the door. It was just too much money spent on such a mediocre product. I always tried to get a nice balance of makeup, but it always looked a little dirty. Sometime last year, I was visiting a friend who started to tell me about some of the makeup products she loved. That was the first time I heard a real review of the company Glossier. Instead of transforming your appearance, Glossier sought to enhance your features. I fell in love with the idea and bought a few of their most popular products and, since then, have used them every day. The effortless look makes me feel empowered, because it’s so slight but it makes me feel beautiful.

My routine is now ten minutes max, and it’s refreshing to not be the last person ready, and to feeling good about myself. I’ll list my favorite products below, but just know this: the product doesn’t make the person, and you should be what you consider your truest self to be.

Products I LOVE:

- Boy Brow (Clear and Brown)

- Brow Flick (Brown)

- Lash Slick


- Lip Scrub

- Liquid Frost (Ice Cream Bling)

- Highlighter (Light Beam)

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