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Abby's Fall Favorites

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Abby Waterman

The fall season is my favorite time of year because it’s the time when I can pull out my sweaters and boots from the back of my closet and wear them without melting on hot, sunny days. I love styling cute, cozy, and layered outfits inspired by the beautiful season. I love photoshoots with the fall leaves, drinking hot apple cider, going to pumpkin patches, and pairing an outfit to go along with.

One of my favorite fall apparel items is of course, a sweater. Sweaters are probably one of my favorite articles of clothing in general because there are so many different colors, materials, and stitch patterns that can make each sweater different. Not to mention, sweaters are soft and so comfy, you could sleep in them! I am also especially a fan of cropped sweaters. I love the high waisted jeans and a tucked or cropped shirt look.

Another fall go-to clothing item is a good ‘ol cardigan. Cardigans are perfect for layering clothing and gives you the ability to wear a cute short sleeve shirt in the winter without getting cold. Cardigans are also great for exploring different color combinations. I like to pair my cardigans with different colors that compliment each other. Or if the cardigan has a pattern, I like to use a shirt that matches one of the colors in the cardigan.

And of course, a favorite for all seasons, especially fall, is the jean jacket. I love wearing jean jackets because they are multi-purpose and super cute at the same time! You can wear it while shopping, to a party, to a concert, etc. I love denim in general, so I love throwing on a jean jacket in the chilly fall weather to keep me warm and it compliments the outfit overall.

Fall is just the perfect time of year for everyone to wear their cute outfits and step up their game in the fashion world. There are so many versatile looks you can wear in the fall and each one can convey a different emotion or tell a different story.

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