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Hope's Fall Essentials

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Hope Hoehler

With fall at its peak, SRU students may be at a crossroad when deciding what outfit they should wear for the day. It’s known that our lovely campus can go through all four seasons in a day - it’s even supposed to snow next Thursday! With the beautiful foliage, the pumpkin spiced drinks, and brisk cool weather, you can’t help but dress in a fall fashion mood.

Not sure what that entails? Don’t worry! I’m here to give some fall fashion ideas and outfit essentials, to brave what could possibly be the most confusing three months on SRU’s campus.

First things first - you need to be prepared for anything. That is why I love layers! It's sweater weather and, whether you're layering a t shirt or long-sleeve with a cardigan or wearing your favorite sweater alone, it’s important to stay warm. Blanket and infinity scarves can help spice up a look and protect your skin from the harsh winds. You can wear it wrapped and sitting on a sweater or let it hang around your neck and show off your top! Of course, there are so many options when it comes to pants for the fall. You can never go wrong with ripped jeans or neutral color leggings, but my personal favorite is a fall-colored or jean skirt. If it’s nice enough to not freeze, this is a super cute way to dress up your look! Lastly, it’s not fall without boots and boot socks! Whether high boots, duck boots, or rain boots, there's always an option for practical yet stylish footwear.

Although sometimes it’s nice to dress cute, on colder and longer days, comfy clothes are the way to go. There is nothing wrong with leggings and a sweatshirt or crewneck, especially one from the SGA bookstore, repping Rock pride! I love my dark gray Slippery Rock crewneck and wear it at least once a week, always paired with black leggings and either boots or converse. This look is simple yet stylish for the chilly fall temperatures.

Of course, there are the two ends of the fashion scale, but what about an outfit in the middle? Well, I think that everyone knows fall is for sweaters and vests, and I definitely agree. I find myself buying sweaters in warm fall tones or neutral colors to match my white and gray vests. Although my favorite bottoms to pair this combo with are ripped jeans, this stylish outfit would look good in leggings or regular jeans as well. Shoes can sometimes be difficult for me to decide on - I find myself going alternating between my brown boots, my white converse, or my black booties. Usually I wear the booties, which gives more of a sophisticated look to the outfit, but any choice would work well!

I hope that this gave you fellow fashionistas some ideas or advice on how to manage the chilly and confusing SRU weather. I look forward to seeing your outfits around!

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